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March 22, 2017


Whole30 - Beef Ragu At the beginning of the year the U.S. News article rated Whole 30 one of the worst “diets”. As I began my journey just days before the article came out, I had to read the article like 5 times to actually comprehend how stupid it was. I’m a bit of a critic and maybe I believe in one too many conspiracy theories on promoting unhealthy habits and foods in order to keep unhealthy people where they need health care, drugs, and Monstano (… like how I threw that in there?). Now, this is just my opinion and I read between the lines and maybe that’s wrong of me, but hey! that’s me!

For one, the Whole 30 is a reset not a diet. Yes, its recommended to adopt the clean eating lifestyle but the 30 days is to reset your digestive system and organs back to a functioning body. There is no way that you could eat Whole30 for the rest of your life, you would literally have to give up eating at other peoples homes, restaurants, etc, but I do believe in adopting the clean eating that it promotes. There is no counting calories like *cough* Weightwatchers… which was rated one of the best diets…. don’t even get me started on that. You don’t deprive yourself of food if your hungry, but instead of reaching for that non-fat Strawberry Kelloggs bar, you reach for an apple with sunflower butter, or some cut up veggies. It’s about filling your body with actual NATURAL (not the food that says Natural on the package) foods with no refined sugar, soy, corn, wheat, gluten or dairy. It’s about eliminating all those highly processed foods that sit in your body creating toxins and well… fat. Those processed foods we all eat every once in awhile do not keep your body running smoothly, they will clog, block and build up in places you don’t even want to think about – GROSS.

The Whole30 isn’t even about weight loss. Yes, its part of the perks of completing the Whole30, but keep in mind, the weight will all come back if once you’re off the diet you go back to eating unhealthy.  Mark and I took on the Whole 30 as a challenge for ourselves to rid or body of our overindulgence during Christmas and start the new year off fresh. I bought all the Whole30 cook books and read them cover to cover before beginning. I flagged all the recipes that made my mouth water, and began prepping food the day before officially starting. I took this very seriously, if you couldn’t tell haha… And I truly feel it paid off.

As you may have read in previous posts, I have a fairly weak stomach. If I eat a bowl of ice cream, I’ll be complaining of a stomach ache 30 minutes later. It SUCKS! Prior to the Whole30, I was getting mid day fatigue, headaches often, I felt sluggish, was always in a mental fog, and just felt ick overall. The first week I was on a high, I loved every minute of it, I prepped meals like a ninja! My co-workers and friends were amazed how good the food looked and smelled and I can attest it tasted fucking AWESOME! I was full and satisfied. Week 2, the high slowly wore off as I had one day of feeling the detoxing. It wasn’t as bad as I’ve experienced before, I was just tired, my stomach hurt and all I wanted to do was sleep…. which is what I did. I went to bed that night at 8pm and slept till my alarm. After that I felt great! Week 3 I really had to become the “Sugar Dragon Slayer” as Melissa Hartwig calls it. I was craving sugar like crazy. All I wanted was a piece of chocolate, but I fought it HARD. Instead, I would grab a piece of fruit or some carrots. Something with a hint of sweetness. Finally, making it to Week 4, I looked back on the 30 days and thought it wasn’t that bad. I felt like a million dollars. My body was working properly. In 30 days, I only complained of ONE stomach ache (detox day), I had no headaches, my skin was great, and I didn’t crash at 3pm. I honestly think I felt the best I’ve ever felt in years during the 30 day reset. I’m not paid to say this, Mark and I both felt fantastic. So much so, we’re doing it all over again …… haha!

Answer questions I’ve had:

How much Weight Did I Lose: I lost 16lbs over the 30 days.

The hardest part of the diet: No Wine…..

Would I do It Again? HELL YEAH!

Was it hard? Yes…. at times it was.

How do you eat out? You don’t and if you want to mingle with friends, invite them over. Or opt to grab a coffee instead 🙂

I’ll be sharing some tips I used to get through the 30 days feeling great and full in future posts. For now, I just wanted to share my two cents about how my experience went with the WHOLE30 and why I recommend it to everyone!

If you have any questions, email me or Facebook – GlowThyme 😀

ps. If you want to see pictures of the food I made on the Whole30 check out my Instagram @michelle.westlund 




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