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Why I chose doTERRA – Part 1: MLM Real Talk

September 17, 2017
doTERRA Vancouver

Why I chose doTERRA…. Part 1: MLM ReAL Talk

Michelle Westlund


This could be a lengthy post, but I’ll try to summarize key points as to why I was called to be apart of doTERRA.

Let’s get to the main concern because I know this was my main issue, so I’d like to address it right off the bat in Part uno.

doTERRA is a MLM. For those that may not know what an MLM is, it’s a Multi-Level Marketing structure or as some call it, Network Marketing.
When I first found out it was an MLM, it put me off, but now, I’m so grateful it is!
If you talk to others that have been in MLM’s or heard of MLM’s you probably like me, heard every story in the book. They make you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy in and never got that 6 figure income the “high ups” talked about. I’ve heard those same stories and seen it with my own eyes.  MLM’s confused me, and even scared me. I felt like they were scam artists and the products never really “worked”. So the skeptical me… hearing doTERRA was a MLM, I pumped the brakes hard.

What instantly stood out for me with doTERRA was the fact I was never pitched, sold or pressured to join doTERRA. A lot of the people using doTERRA are certified holistic nutritionists, massage therapist, naturopaths, nurses and wellness mamas, which instantly proved to me this sh*t is as good as I think it is. No one told me I’d make 6 figures in my first year, or any of the typical sales stuff. I was just told how amazing the products are and given a few bottles to us and try to see if they helped me.

I placed my first order with the one time $35 dollar starter kit, which essentially just gets you wholesale pricing on ALL of the items doTERRA has. I figured for one time $35 payment to save that ten fold in a couple orders, it just financially made sense. The wholesale access also allows you to grow this as a business IF you so choose. There is zero pressure to sell your friends or family, it’s honestly all about using the products for optimal health.

To be perfectly honest, the products will change your life. I’m not even kidding you. 

I passionately and truly believe in the product and the message of the company and that was enough for me to move the blinders off and realize, I just want to share these freaking 15ml bottles of powerful healing properties to help people live healthy and happy day to day.

The reasons why doTERRA chose to make this an MLM:

1. It’s cost effective for the company since it always has been and still is owned by the 7 Founding Executives (David Stirling, Corey Lindley, Emily Wright, Gregory Cook, Dr. David Hill, Robert Young & Mark Wolfert).
2. Essential oils are best understood when your able to smell and touch them. So a direct sales approach made sense in order to share the products properly rather than mass marketing the product.
3. It gives people like you and me the opportunity to share products we are passionate about and create a sustainable income.

This company is built on a lot of women and men (for men we call it #broTERRA) that craved flexibility and the opportunity to work for themselves making a great income for their families. It is amazing receiving a cheque each month and not even feeling like your working. When you are passionate about a product and the results, its no longer “work”, it’s just fun!

That is pretty much all I need to say about why doTERRA as an MLM is far different then all the others. This isn’t icky or a scam. These products aren’t weight loss shakes or pills, they are the products that you will want to have in your cupboard for every occasion and in your medicine cupboard for every ailment that arises in your family.

If you are thinking of trying doTERRA, try it! Then decide whether it’s something you want to pursue or just want to use the products. Plain and simple.

If you have questions about doTERRA being an MLM, email me or message me on Facebook. I’m an open book about this, and will be happy to share everything I know.
Michelle Westlund

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