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Essential oils are the purest, safest and one of the most effective ways to support your body both physically and emotionally.  These oils have been used medicinally for centuries to mend wounds, cure illnesses and relieve aches + pains.  They are truly magic!

I am a firm believer with the right tools you’re body can heal itself and prevent further damage.  This is why I so passionately share the use of dōTERRA.

MY story:

Growing up with an extremely healthy mom, I had “eat your greens” ingrained in my mind from a fairly young age.  While I lived at home, meals were always well balanced, and if I fell ill, I was sent to our family Naturopath (who is AWESOME if anyone needs a recommendation) who instead of giving me anti-biotics  would make me pop garlic pills and a homemade immune boosting tincture.  I look back on this with a huge smile on my face! I’m so grateful I was raised in a day and age where this was acceptable and I’m even more excited to know when my husband and I have children they will get to be immersed in living a healthy lifestyle where popping advil for every mild pain is no longer the norm.

When I was 18, I graduated high school and stepped into College. That is when my skin issues began to consume my life. From 18-28 years old, I battled acne.  I’m not talking a zit here and a zit there, I’m talking all over my face. The kind of acne where you cry everyday and never want anyone to look directly at your face. I know if you are or have battled acne before you know it is just that… a battle.  It’s a battle of self love very day.  Through that decade, I tried every possible solution almost going to the point of getting a prescription for accutane.  Growing up in a holistic household and knowing deep down how awful that drug is to take internally, I almost threw away my values in order to get clear skin.  That is how badly I wanted it to go away.

For some reason, even though I tried every natural remedy in the book to clear my skin, I never came across essential oils.  Up until nearly a year ago, at almost age 30, I finally found the solution for my clear skin – Essential Oils.

If anyone of you  has ever had something in your  life that made you want to cry daily, I feel you! You are NOT alone. This is why I am EXTREMELY passionate about sharing essential oils. It has helped me clear my skin, boost my immune system, fall asleep peacefully every night, motivate me every day & so much more!

WHY DO I Stand behind dōTERRA?

When you google “Essential Oils” to do your own research (which I advise to do!) before jumping into using the oils you will read “Taken by mouth, many essential oils can be dangerous.” This is true for those oils that are not CPTG grade. It is rare these days to find CPTG grade oils, as the oils you can buy at Whole Foods, the mall or even Walmart are extremely toxic when ingested.  Those oils are mixed with other synthetic/non-synthetic oils and fragrance and are not safe for internal use.  This is why I fell in LOVE with dōTERRA. Many of doTERRA oils can be ingested with extremely potent benefits!! HELLO! That’s is amazing!

dōTERRA is one of the only companies to extensively test all their oils. Each oil batch is tested using:

  • Organoleptic testing
  • Microbial testing
  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Chirality testing
  • Isotopic analysis
  • Heavy metal testing

If you are like me and aren’t sure what 90% of those tests actually are, here is the link to dive a bit deeper: CPTG Grade Tests 

The fact that you can ingest many of the oils and reap the benefits of their natural properties was a huge reason why I chose dōTERRA. Another major reason, is their co-impact sourcing.

dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing:

dōTERRA is extremely dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production.   Since dōTERRA sources from 40 different countries, which more then half are considered developing countries, their dedication is to provide better lives for those that help produce dōTERRA’s pure essential oils. This includes creating sustainable jobs and providing income to underdeveloped communities.  Another form of giving back was created through dōTERRA called, Healing Hands Foundation, which raises money to build or sponsor existing medical clinics, install drinking water and irrigation systems, build schools, and provide other educational resources such as vocational training programs.

If you have any questions at all about dōTERRA or essential oils in general, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. My email is or private message me on Facebook at GLOWTHYME.

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There are more then 4.5 million dōTERRA users all over the world and growing daily. This is definitely becoming a movement and a shift in taking back our health.  Join to get your first pure CPTG grade oils shipped right to your front door. <3


Michelle Westlund