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New Year’s Resolutions: Are they bad?

December 30, 2017

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R!!


I’ve been thinking lately about New Year’s Resolutions. I haven’t made one in nearly a decade, because I always felt I didn’t take it seriously. When I was 19, I made resolutions of partying less, losing weight, going to the gym more, drinking more water, and stop making stupid decisions. Yes, those were huge lofty goals, but at 19 I KNEW I needed a change, yet I let it fall by the weigh side. After a couple years of the same resolutions, I decided to not make resolutions since they only lasted a week or maybe the entire month of January at best.

Being nearly 30, and starting to piece my life together, I crave having goals and direction. I’ve listened to people talk about how New Year’s Resolutions are bad, their a waste of time, they don’t work… blah blah, but after pondering about them for the last week, I actually feel like it’s quite the contrary. Let me tell you why…

New Year’s Resolutions are “pings” inside of you telling yourself you need a change. Whether it’s to become more spiritual, weight loss, eat better, be a better person, etc. Those are all great things! It’s yourself getting real about what changes you want to make for the year a head. When you dissect that a little it’s actually quite awesome that you are ready for change. I know not everything will stick, and that gym membership you bought stops getting use in February, but there is something powerful about committing to yourself to want to change. The more you commit the more you will change.  Some people never get the urge to try to change, they accept their life for exactly what it is. To me, that’s the saddest life possible, because everyone is full of possibilities all it takes is being open to change.

How many times can I use change in a paragraph? ,… ugh! 

My New Year’s Resolutions are my yearly goals and yes, their lofty but you know what, I can achieve them! This is more then losing 10lbs, it’s me becoming the person I aspire to be on all accounts. Why not start it on New Years? 2018 is the year of the butterfly… 2017 was the caterpillar and 2016 was the cocoon. It’s time to fly this year, and really achieve some massive goals.

I’m sharing my goals to hold some accountability to myself, so here it goes…

  • Grow my business to Platinum by December 2018.
  • Unapologetically share my passions (oils, cooking, baking, travel, etc.)
  • Give back my time and money, in more ways then donating $2 at the grocery store check out. I will volunteer and help raise money for causes close to my heart.
  • Buy a new house in a neighbourhood I want to live in (real estate in Vancouver is intense… but I know we can do it!)
  • Spend more time with people that lift me up and support me and less time with those that just suck energy which means learning to say “no”.
  • Spend more time outdoors with my husband and dogs, enjoying the beautiful province we live in.
  • Investing in myself, getting a coach again, and really working on ME.
  • Lastly, complete January Whole30.

I have so many mini goals within all of those goals and I won’t bore you with the details, but something as simple as getting real and conscious about what it is you want in the next year. Obviously you will need to plan out the steps you’ll take to get there. I can’t just snap my fingers and jump from Silver to Platinum in doTERRA, but it feels damn good to sit down and make those commitments to myself.

How do you start the new year? Do you make resolutions and goals? or do you just make them as you go? 

These goals are all written down, they will be framed and hung on my office wall. Something to remind me of where  I’m headed in 2018 and what I committed to myself.

New Year’s is tomorrow, sit down, get clear and make some GOALS! It’ feels so good to have direction. YOU CAN DO IT!

Michelle Westlund



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