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Q&A Series: Kris Britton, Founder of the GODDESS BOSSES

May 31, 2017
Kris Britton - Glowthyme

When I started my blog, my family supported me more then ever! My husband was cheering and Kris (aka. My Sister!) was doing her typical “running man”  happy dance. Kris has always been right there supporting me through all my ideas and goals. I remember the day we talked essential oils…. both Kris and I had been using them for years, but were using the sh*tty kind you buy from the mall. Not naming names, but the ones that are not CPTG grade, the ones you cannot ingest.

One day I was browsing on Amazon to buy tea tree and peppermint oil (still 2 of my ALL time favs! See last post on my Top 4 Essential Oils ;)), so  like any good internet tracking system, they noticed I had googled essential oils.   The next day, doTERRA popped up on my Facebook feed, I was instantly drawn in. The branding is so me!  I went on to read all the benefits of these pure essential oils and the movement doTERRA was creating with their co-impacting sourcing; it was then, I truly fell in love.

Later that day, Kris and I were having our nightly drive home calls and she told me she talked to an old blogging friend of hers and she was rocking doTERRA. I was blown away. How the *beep* did she know I was just looking at that??  As we shared what we had learned about the products, we were both hooked. She signed up immediately, where as I took a bit longer to jump on board. A few weeks later, I enrolled myself, and haven’t looked back.

Kris is MY support and the supporter of the Goddess Bosses tribe, so without further ado, here is the Q&A I had with Kris about why she FREAKING loves Essential Oils:

Why did you start using essential oils?

I started using my first essential oil (Melaleuca) about 10 years ago when I was on a mission to heal my adult acne naturally. I always had a pull within me to heal my skin naturally. I can’t tell you why, but as painful as acne was I really kept researching the power of plants and the healing properties of oils that I knew my skin would clear if I overhauled my life with 100% natural products.

Have you noticed a difference since using them? If so, what differences have you noticed?

Yes! Today I use essential oils for almost everything. My skin is cleared, but I still use 1 drop of Melaleuca, 1 drop of Frankincense and 1 drop of Lavender in my moisturizer to keep my skin clear, but also nourished and glowing! The oils I use today are the most powerful ones available and they are so pure, I use them on my scalp for promoting hair growth (rosemary is amazing for hair growth!) and I use my oils multiple times a day for my emotional wellness.

I know you diffuse essential oils daily, how do you pick your diffuser blend for the day?

My most favourite thing to do is to let my intuition pick the 3-4 oils I “need” for the day, then I look up the emotional properties (my intuition is always spot on with what I need!) and then diffuse them while I work and use them in my coconut oil as a body moisturizer! I love the letting the properties of the magical oils absorb into my body! The emotional support leaves you feeling calmer, connected, less fear, more joy, less anxiety, everything!

Why did you choose doTERRA oils over any other brand?

The oils are so pure and therapeutic grade, so many are safe to take internally. This is so important to me because what I put on and in my body matters to me. Our skin absorbs whatever you place on it within 30 seconds and I choose to honour my body with the best that I can, so doTERRA is the brand I stand behind! Plus if you’re going to use essential oils, you might as well use REAL essential oils for all the benefits of them!

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 essential oil with you, what would it be & why?

Oooooh Wild Orange, Peppermint and Frankincense. Wild Orange is the oil of abundance and it helps you to get over scarcity, low energy and feeling discouraged. Wild Orange is the abundant, creative and “enjoy life” oil, so I’d have it with me 😉 Peppermint is my all time favourite oil. I could smell it all day long and I know it helps so much with feeling optimistic and clear in life! Frankincense is my soul oil. It is the oil of truth and helps me to feel spiritual connected and open! It’s also the BEST for anti-aging and sunspots ; )

Name one oil that describes you: are you INTO more woodsy, Floral or citrus scents?

Clary Sage. I am imaginative, feminine and open…that’s what I imagine clary sage to be!

Tell me a little about your Goddess Bosses tribe?

Our Goddess Boss Tribe is our global community of women who share doTERRA essential oils! We each have a powerful message and vision within us and goals that we support each other with, but we also know that when we come together with a common vision of helping more people live an amplified life we SOAR!

The reason we called ourselves the “goddess bosses” is because we believe in building a business that is rich with connection and love. Your love is the foundation for a great life and because we all have this same common vision, we know that OUR own inner work and honouring the goddess within ourselves will only allow other women to honour their true message within them. We share the same passion for self-help, spirituality and wellness and when we mix these together with a super powerful business model like doTERRA we create magic!

Follow Kris Britton at:
Facebook: @KrisBrittonFan

I’ll be interviewing other lovely EO (Essential Oil) obsessed women, so you can get a better understanding why we love these oils  and what they have helped us with. Each person reacts differently to each of these oils, so I hope this Q&A series will help you get a better understanding on what oils will help you with whatever emotional or physical symptom you or your family may be dealing with.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils or doTERRA email me at or message me on GlowThyme Facebook page, I’m always hear to lend an ear or answer any questions you have about using Essential Oils. <3  

My passion is to truly help others live a healthy full life. 

Michelle Westlund

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