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I’m A Holistic Rebel

September 1, 2017

What is a Holistic Rebel?

A year ago I felt like a fraud.  I followed all these amazing people on social media that preach holistic living and they lived these seemly perfect lives (ahhh… that’s social media for you). I felt like I had to be the perfect specimen in order to share healthy living in all forms. This is when I realized I was just a “Holistic Rebel”.  Someone has to have coined this term already, but it definitely sums up who I am and who you may be as well…. and that’s F*CKING awesome!

A Holistic Rebel is someone who tries to always think of natural ways to live. Whether it be to cure ailments without the use of drugs or being mindful of the types of food we fuel our body with because food is medicine. The Rebel aspect is for those that “enjoy” the so called naughty things… meaning wine, coffee, a kit kat every now and then…. I think you get the point.

I’m a bit of a “shit mix” as we call it in Canada.

I cook using organic and mostly local ingredients. We rarely have dairy in our house, we don’t buy pre-made meals and we try to eat more of a paleo diet. We are conscious about the products we put into our bodies and conscious of the companies we support when we buy said products.

When we feel under the weather, we turn to a more holistic natural approach to cure the common cold instead of popping Advil Cold & Sinus to relieve symptoms. We’re a firm believer that not all bugs need drugs. 


On the other hand, we LOVE red wine, we eat pizza every now and then, we enjoy coffee way too much and we love to entertain and go out with our friends. Sometimes we are sharing nachos at our favourite pub or grabbing tacos on our way to the lake. I cannot tout that I am this Holistic Goddess that only eats purely organic, never puts a “bad” thing in my body, because I’m not! 

I feel I am serving myself in the best possible way by being what I call a Holistic Rebel. I am mindful and enjoy our daily eating habits, but I am also enjoying life and spending it enjoying and savoring every bite of my kit kat when I get the urge to have one. The urge doesn’t come daily, but it may come every few months. The wine on the other hand…. that is a weekly urge ;).

I know some of you can totally relate to this, that’s why I felt to shed some light on it being totally okay!

My question to you is….

Are you a Holistic Rebel?

 Michelle Westlund

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