Coconut Milk French Toast {Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy Free}

July 28, 2016
Coconut Milk French Toast Recipe

Coconut Milk French Toast Recipe
{Dairy Free, Soy Free & Nut Free}

The weather in Vancouver has FINALLY turned to summer. It rained off and on up until the beginning of this week, so summer has kind of been a bust thus far. Now, I have a week off work to recharge, relax and maybe get a wee bit of a tan. ¬†Unfortunately, Mark couldn’t take the entire time off, so it’s just been me and Duke taking over the world one blog post at a time.

With all this free time, I figured I would have leisure “Sunday” mornings every morning. Wake up, do some yoga, brew a cuppa joe, play some music and make a healthy yet satisfying breakfast. Growing up my mom made THE BEST French Toast in the world. I would love coming downstairs on ¬†a Sunday to the anticipation that we had left over French Bread for her to make it.

Since I don’t buy or keep cow’s milk in the house, I had to think of an alternative to my mom’s french toast, and give it a slightly healthier twist….

This French Toast Recipe isn’t even for those that are dairy intolerant… it’s for everyone! It adds a slight coconut taste to an epic breakfast.

Coconut Milk French Toast Recipe

Personal Sized Recipe – Coconut Milk French Toast:

Yield 4 pieces

2 Organic Free Run Eggs
1/2 Cup Canned Coconut Milk
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Maple Syrup
4 Slices Bread (I used Whole Wheat)
1 tbsp Coconut Oil (For the pan!)


Heat frying pan with coconut oil on Medium.

In a Medium Bowl, beat eggs until yolks are mixed well. Add coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract and maple syrup – whisk together.

Drop one piece of bread at a time into the mixture and place on the hot pan. I can fit two in my pan at a time. Let cook 1-2 minutes per side. Check to make sure its not burning. It doesn’t take very long to cook unless you are using extra thick bread.

Once golden and it looks like the egg is cooked on the outside. Place on a plate with some fruit and Pure Maple Syrup!

Coconut Milk French Toast Recipe

It’s simple, healthy and quick to make! Something your friends and family will love!



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